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  • I order from there quite a lot. I’m not really a fan of buying Chinese stuff but all the electronics are made there whatever you do and this way I’m cutting out the man-in-the-middle dickhead types who closed all the local factories and moved production to China just to push up the share prices.

    I’ve always found it to be pretty good, remember that you don’t really deal with Ali that much, rather individual shops selling their stuff on there. I’ve had problems with stuff arriving broken before but I’ve usually found their customer service to be pretty amazing, they’ll often replace stuff without much fuss. I once ordered a Bitcoin miner before realising later that it was a scam, and Ali refunded me all the money.

    The two main problems are that nothing on there is good quality, it’s all just cheap Chinese stuff. The second problem is that it takes ages for everything to arrive.

  • Honestly, off the top of my head I often like the people who come to England but as far as the country itself I don’t really think about it much. First thoughts are that it’s a massive country that’s heavily polluted and kinda obsessed with making money without much care for how they do it, such as how much of the world is making sacrifices to stop buying gas from Russia but India’s just undermining their good intentions for profit. I think if Pakistan invaded they’d expect the whole world to rally around them.

  • If people ever wonder why people don’t use Linux they should just read the comments here. People are so obsessed with blaming users for not using Linux rather than trying to make Linux meet their expectations.

    Most people will go to a shop and buy a laptop with Windows preinstalled and ready to be used, and even if they’re brave enough to install the OS themselves (most aren’t) they will still expect pretty much everything to work automatically after the install.

    I don’t know what the solution is here but it’s not to blame users.