How do you manage to stick it out long term with budgeting? I use YNAB in periods for my economy. And every such period, they usually last 3 months to 1,5 year or so, my economy is in amazing condition.

Then I forget about if for a while, sometimes I find it a bit cumbersome and lose track. Suddenly I stop using it, and at that point I start splurging on stuff I really shouldn’t.

So then I start budgeting again… rinse and repeat. It’s a stupid cycle I’d like to get out of. Any tips and ideas, how do budget pros in here keep at it?

  • jetA
    9 months ago

    Hey that’s convenient! You can save 50% of your impulse shopping by just not being able to purchase anything.

    I don’t know about the swedish economic system, but some systems allow prepaid debit cards kind of like gift cards but tied to a single person to be used. And that would kind of act like cash, load $100 on to it or whatever, and then when you burn through it you have to be deliberate about adding more money to it. Transactions declined is better than spending over.

    Instead of looking ar it as an inconvenience, roleplay Jason Bourne, you’re hiding from the government surveillance state, how far can you go without tying your identity to purchases. It’s a fun game