DeepStar Six - 1989


SSN Bad Communicators

Nice slice of life film showing US Navy seabees building a undersea missile platform… from the very start the movie shows us really poor abilities to communicate. Throughout the whole film I feel like i was watching a indictment of macho culture, get it done at all cost bravado. The movie had lots to say about culture!

The alien was pretty interesting, nothing too over the top, cave creature

Why did the captian flood the research station? (to make sure they left him behind? or to end the pain quicker?)

Snyder - The utimate jobsworth, detonates 6 nuclear weapons because he can’t communicate… This was… wow, I’m not even sure where to start here. Cabin crew resource management failure? No lone zone on nuclear weapons? No critical thinking skills? I know were supposed to hate Snyder as a person, but I think the real problem they are talking about is lack of decision making skills everyone here displays.

The biggest enemy in this film is the crew itself!

Overall I enjoyed it, worth a watch

  • jetOPA
    1 month ago

    Comparing this film to Levathian - I really got emotionally connected to the crew of Levathin, but not such more the DeepStar Six they felt shallow, and had horror movie levels of bad decision making.