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  • I am sorry yard signs are oppressing you…

    And I’m sorry that’s as deep as you can think regarding how thoroughly I understand the sorts of people I’m choosing not to associate with.

    Alllll your protests about propaganda and how folks aren’t the assholes I’ve been led to think. In response I give you an example of assholes in my daily life, and you come back with typical maga shit, further exemplifying exactly what I’m talking about.

    I’m sorry that being asked to follow rules of decency on social media platforms owned by others is oppressing you.

    Good Day to you.

  • How are they there to tell me they can’t get on social media if they can’t get on social media?

    You folks don’t like having to obey rules, and you get banned when you break them, that’s what I see 99% of the time.

    Sorry, the rest of us see what you are doing, we have witnessed what you have done, and to whatever degree we had any interest in interacting with conservatives prior to about 2018, it’s all gone in the shitter since then.

    No one who isn’t a conservative/Republican wants to spend a single moment in the room with someone who is, unless its an environment where NO ONE is allowed to talk politics or social issues. Again, you folks have reaped what you have sown. I have zero sympathy for anyone who has supported Trump and Republicans in recent years, with what they have done, what they have tried to do, and what they are still trying to do. I will die of old age before R could possibly prove to me that there’s an ounce of integrity in the entire party, and will never miss an election on any level for as long as I do live to ensure I can cast a vote for literally anyone else.

    What you are experiencing is what happens when the group you are a part of has proven repeatedly to be the group of hatred and lies. No one wants to interact with you if they can possibly avoid it, except for people who already think just like you.

    Dunno what to tell you.

    Edited to add - to whatever degree you care about such things (and I’m not suggesting you should) - I noticed you are getting downvoted in our exchange. These downvotes in our conversation are not from me. I tend not to downvote folks who seem to be earnestly discussing, even when I disagree.

  • And I guess you forget about covid and what they did back then to kick off opinions that went against the overall agenda (cue incoming strawman).

    My dude, covid is when I first witnessed this phenomenon of my social media channels being clogged with conservatives telling me they aren’t allowed on social media.

    Hey, you guys shouldn’t have rallied behind the bigot in chief in 2016, then decided (apparently party-wide) that the new Republican strategy was to be the biggest assholes in the room, (any room, be that lecture hall or family holiday gathering) made attempts to whitewash parts of US history you didn’t like, and proclaimed anyone on the queer side of things as a groomer (and/or continuously elected people doing those things) if you didn’t want to be labeled as bigots. (and I’m not even dipping into the whole white supremacy thing) (edit - heck, I forgot the assault on reproductive rights for women - that too!)

    If you lie down with dogs…

    US conservatives (and Republicans in particular) are experiencing nothing other than reaping what they have sown. When all my local republicans stop putting signs in their yards about what a moron and traitor I am for not voting for Trump, that might be a sign that the three sane ones have gotten together and somehow started to calm the masses. Until then…

  • I’m sure you were banned for opinions that expressed no sort of bigotry or hatred of people not like you, and these were easy, mainsteam opinions that only a fool would find unacceptable. Yep, I have no doubt you are not leaving out any details whatsoever.

    Anyhow, here you are, somehow still posting, and no one has any doubt that you’re a conservative. I’d say you are expressing yourself pretty freely.