I’m unable to browse some interesting kbin.social forums from lemmy 18.4. I see the github issues are open on the lemmy side, and on the kbin side it appears they think its a lemmy issue.

When do we think kbin and lemmy will play nice? with the joined communities we would have more varied and open discussions.

  • @zabadoh@lemmy.ml
    62 months ago

    kbin was designed or built with lemmy compatibility early on, and unfortunately not vice versa.

    It’s really up to the lemmy devs as to when they’ll ever get around to it.

    • @activistPnk@slrpnk.net
      32 months ago

      I just found the contrary. In a lemmy search field querying this thread (https://slrpnk.net/post/2450620) comes up empty every time (#Lemmy → Lemmy). Just to get here to respond, I had to search for the support community then browse for this thread. All in Lemmy.

      Kbin cannot cross-post to anywhere… not to another kbin or to lemmy. But I was able to search for a specific #Kbin thread in the lemmy search form, then search for another kbin magazine in lemmy, then use Lemmy to cross-post a kbin thread to another kbin instance.